Invest Lithuania – Best Employee in the World

Lithuanians are persistent, striving for higher goals, sometimes even too much. We know ourselves well and when faced with the task of “Invest Lithuania” we knew what to say –  Lithuania is the best employee in the world. And we have a thousand reasons to prove it.

We wanted to find a job for our country and so we applied to the entire world.

The combined professional experience of all Lithuanians with infinite education and knowledge in all possible disciplines, businesses and crafts. That makes for one impactful motivational letter. We read it aloud. And we let Lithuania speak more proudly and confidently than ever.

Intrested in working with us?

Current openings

If you're a creative, project manager or designer and would like to be considered for full-time or freelance positions, please send us your folio and any other information you might think useful. 

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